Visiter les cascades

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We offer you many guides to show you around cascades ouzoud, according to a program among the places you can visit there:

The medieval village of Tanermelt (1 hours 30 min):

For visitors who would like to see the waterfalls, a short hike very interesting to discover the fascinating medieval village called Tanermelt, not too far from Riyadh. After crossing the river valley, you arrive at the medieval village with narrow streets and tiny houses that seem to literally blend into the landscape of the surrounding hills. Mouloud may also provide mules to help you along this tour.

The Source (ideal output for a day with a picnic):

An idyllic day spent along the river, which you must bring your swimsuit and your cream solaire.Le bottom of the river has more than 15 small waterfalls and numerous water features worthy of the most beautiful postcards along the tree line, located where the river becomes deeper and cold and sandy beaches are a perfect place to relax and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature around you. We will be happy to prepare your picnic, and Mouloud may provide mules to facilitate the trip.

The Souk (market) Of TAGALA (1 hour)

For those of you who want to experience a rural souk with animals, products of local farmers and all the commodities space, a visit can be arranged at Suq Ait Tagle neighbor. Observe the Berbers of the region in their daily work offers a real glimpse of local customs and traditions, so this trip is it ideal for those of you who would like a door to the "real" Morocco.